July 5th the girls wake up with heavy heads feeling their drinks from the night before. They pack up camp at lake Powell and head to Las Vegas! Smarty and Bootsie initially thought they would skip over Vegas on this trip but Brownie is inspired to go there! Brownie’s mom, Connie loved Vegas and Atlantic City so as a tribute to Connie they headed through the desert to the City of Sin! 

The temperature is increasing rapidly as they head to Vegas, 87, 93, 105 it is hot!   A 4 hour drive and they made it, 4 hours seems like nothing to them now! Smarty drives through the strip, it is so bright, neon signs, fountains, Bail Bond businesses, and they pass the famous wedding chapel where people run off to elope. It is very different from what they have been experiencing from the majestic mountains to the loud boisterous Las Vegas.

They book a room at The Mirage, it’s known for the fake volcano in the front that “erupts” every hour. Bootsie really wanted to stay at the mirage because rumor has it is they have a lazy river and an amazing pool. From all this heat they are craving a dip in the pool and an ice cold drink! They are in Vegas after all!

As they head into The Mirage it is clear they have been road tripping for a while Smarty in pajama shorts and bright orange crocs, Bootsies feet are muddy in her Tevas and she’s got her osprey backpacking hiking pack over her shoulders, everyone else is dressed nicely, showered, glancing over at them like “did they get stuck in the desert or something?”.... not yet. The hotel clerk relays the bad news that the pool is closed, Bootsie’s face drops.

All checked in and cannot wait to shower! The ladies are all freshened up, iron there dresses too bad the iron does not work, looks like they are wearing jeans, they head out into the craziness of Vegas! Smarty, Boots, & Brownie walk the Las Vegas strip, it is so busy and hectic they end up all holding hands so they do not lose each other. There are people on the street selling tickets to the strip clubs, they think about it for a second and shake their heads “no friggin way!”, walk past the Billagio which is known for its fountain show.

Boots ends up finding them a restaurant which is across the street from the fountain so Brownie can watch her fountain show. They get the best table, outside along the street so they can people watch, which is one of there favorite things. Brownie orders a veggie pizza, Smarty gets gnocchi, and Boots the green goddess salad. Oh & a drink ofcourse. As they eat Smarty expresses how much she hates Vegas, She wants to get out of vegas ASAP, all of a sudden something flies through the air almost hitting Boots in the face and knocks over there salt and pepper on the table, they all look down ... it’s a raw hot dog. Haha hey all agree “let’s get the ‘F’ out of here!”

They pay the bill and head back to The Mirage! Before heading to bed they have to gamble ofcourse! None of them have really spent much time in a casino before, Smarty is complaining how it smells like smoke, Brownie’s eyes are getting big she looks like a kid in a candy store! They have no idea how to do this gambling thing, so they head to the least intimidating machines.

“how do these things work?” says boots.

Brownie replies “I think we have to get tokens”

Smarty “ I don’t care I just want to go to bed!”

Brownie finds a guy in a maroon vest and black pants he must work at the casino she asks him “ hey do you know where we can get our tokens for the machines?” He chuckles and says “mam you do not need tokens you just put money in the machine and play, it’s gambling with money not tokens.”

All three blush, how could they not know it’s not an arcade. Brownie heads to a machine that catches her eye, right next to a lady who is definitely winning something she is wooing, jumping up and down, pulling the lever and winning they assume. Maybe it’s good luck let’s go next to her!

All three take turns pressing random buttons, they started the game with 20 bucks and left with 25 cents! Success, time for bed!