Every day it’s a new adventure, the terrific trio is back on the road! It was a sad goodbye leaving the Glamp site, it will be tent camping from here on out. They wave goodbye to Zion and head 3 hours to the GRAND CANYON! 

Oneward and upward to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, it is supposed to be less crowded and more majestic. Bootsie is still on probation from driving, the other two do not trust her up the winding roads. They watch the red rocks and desert turn into Palme Rosa pines as they rise up the mountain toward the North Rim! 

Getting glimpses of the canyon on the way up, the fact that they are almost at the canyon is surreal. Finally getting up to the top, the ladies walk down the trail to the overlook. Smarty leads the way, Brownie behind Smarty, and Boots hangs behind to take pictures. As they walk through thick pines, there is an opening, slowly approaching the canyon the anticipation is building, Brownie starts crying, Smarty too, and Boots sheds a couple secret tears. It is overwhelmingly beautiful.  They explore all that they can take a bajillion pictures and then head to Lake Powell. 

It is the 4th of July and they have no where to stay yet. Smarty calls all the campgrounds and they are all booked. For some reason, the girls are still drawn to go to the lake even though it doesn’t sound promising. 3 hours from the Grand Canyon Bootsie gains back her driving priveledges and gets them there like a champ. Driving through dry desert, over the Colorado river, and through Navajo Reservations... it seems like Lake Powell is in the middle of nowhere.  It pretty much is.

A beautiful bright blue Lake, in the middle of the canyons, huge red rock, and slot canyon coves. It’s breath taking, Smarty gets tickets for the firework cruise on lake Powell for 8:30pm they miraculously have 3 tickets left! Only problem they still have no place to stay. Brownie insists we check the campground we called earlier, Smarty and Boots protest “we already called MOM! They are booked” Brownie keeps insisting...reluctantly they pull into the campground, Brownie jumps out miraculously she was right one site opened up with perfect views of the lake! The stars are aligning again, Smarty and Boots set up camp as brownie pours them all a glass of Rose!

All of their phones have a different time on them Smarty’s says 6:40pm, Bootsies 7:40pm and Brownies 8:40pm it is very confusing and they have to be at the boat by 8pm! What time is it?! They cannot figure it out, Boots runs into some other campers and asks thankfully is 6:40pm! After one glass of rose all the girls are feeling good, they head down to the Mahweap Marina. 

Brownie is feeling tipsy, you can tell when she gets the giggles and when Brownie the “non drinker” wants another drink that means the rose is working. Bootsie finds a bar called the Driftwood lounge, she grabs Smarty a guiness, Brownie a “white wine on the rocks”, and herself a Pinot noir. Bootsie asks Rosie the Bartender if she could possibly put the drinks in a plastic cup, Rosie even offers a plastic cup with a lid and straws, Perfect!! Boots brings out the booze filled sippy cups to the girls and they head on down the dock to the “Desert Angel”.

The “Desert Angel” is a yacht and it is run by 3 women! They are dressed in 4th of July attire, big American flag hats, blue tutus with stars embellishing it, and cowgirl boots! As they take their seats on the top deck of the “Desert Angel” , Zoey the captain gets on the speaker and introduces the rest of her crew members Ursula and Camillle. Ursula and Camille are introduced as the Djs of the yacht, and they are all from the coast guard. Camille puts on all the classic songs you would listen to on 4th of July. Katy Perrys “Firework”, “Born in the USA”, and anything else that has to do with this country. It’s hilarious, they watch the fireworks while sipping their drinks, it’s pretty funny to watch Smarty drink a Guiness through a Straw. The fireworks are beautiful over the lake, the stars are so bright in the sky, they laugh “how the heck did they get here!”

Leaving room for the spontaneous moments has made their trip a trip of a lifetime.