From the miles of wind turbines in Iowa and the never ending corn fields of Nebraska, to the rolling hills and mountains of Colorado! Smarty, Brownie, and Bootsie feel like real champs they did it! The longest spurt of driving in one day, 13 hours from Davenport Iowa to Evergreen Colorado 896 miles later they have reached the Mile high city just in time to fill their bellies!

After 896 miles, at this point they have got their driving arrangement on point like a well choreographed dance.. they switch drivers every two hours driver, then driver sits in back and naps/picks their nose (no judgement), passenger takes drivers seat, and so on. This is the only thing that is organized in this car, somehow between all three of them they are pretty horrible packers, every time they open the car something falls out..every time. 

The ice in the cooler has melted, letting there fruits and veggies swim and slosh as they drive down the winding highways. The girls try to stay healthy on the road Bootsie is vegeterian, Smarty and Brownie are nutritarians (whatever that means) apparently you can still eat waffles when you are nutritarian. To stop the fruit from going bad Smarty has the back seat she pulls out her Nutri Bullet and pulls out her AC/DC converter so we can plug it in. She loads it up  with our soggy fruits, uses some leftover cooler ice, and starts the bullet! Pow she blows a fuse, the Honda dashboard blinks and they are losing battery uhoh health is dangerous. Bootsie does not let the “almost” smoothie go to waste, she blends it up at the gas station pump while Smarty fixes the fuse, it’s called teamwork!

They meet up with Colorado cousin Cori who we  will call cool cat, she likes cats and wears cool hats, she’s got Colorado swag. The hipster restaurant Bootsie wanted to dine at is an hour wait, so cool cat suggests a burger joint. The trio agrees to anything at this point there goes their healthy road trip route. But dayum does it hit the spot, don’t worry Bootsie is still a vegetarian and no matter how hungry she gets she will never eat a mashed up animal. She gets the French fries and nibbles on everyone else’s burger buns, oh and a cider can’t forget that.  You thought the rose went to her head, first drink in Colorado oh me oh my, It makes sense why it’s called the mile high city.  It’s safe to say she won’t be driving again Smarty Pants gets the wheel.

They lay their heads in the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado where Cool Cat lives. It’s beautiful and so darn nice, looking out at the mountains they are grateful to be able to stay still for a day. Although they didn’t really stay still, at all. !


5:30 AM

Beep beep!! The alarm goes off 5:30am yes! Bootsie hops out of bed excited! They are off to Red Rocks Ampitheatre for Yoga on the rocks! It’s been on Bootsie’s bucket list. Bright and early, she wakes up Brownie, Smarty, and Cool Cat as if it’s Christmas morning! Wowee over 2500 people practicing yoga, at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre it was a real dream.


No time to waste after the class the crew heads to Dinosaur ridge to see the Dino tracks! Man Jurassic Park actually is real! Cool cat is cool about it and the dynamic 3 -some is in awe, they are smiling from ear to ear as, Brownie educates the group on the type of rock and how it formed! Dinosaur ridge is filled with Fossils and proof that those Dino’s did exist and without them Jurassic Park would never be your favorite movie.


Strap your hiking boots on! The group is on a roll running on adrenaline and lack of oxygen. They hike up a beautiful trail in Eldorado springs that leads up to where an old hotel once was, the trail is where the horse and buggy would travel up to for a night of dancing. Man they must have really needed to let loose if they were willing to travel up thousands of feet for a dance party, it must of been bumping! It is beautiful, Brownie sheds a couple tears, Smarty screams with excitement, and bootsie takes it all in with a big smile, man are they lucky to be so close and to share these amazing moments together. They are totally in the moment.

Just when you thought they would be tired from a long Colorado hike, you thought wrong!


Off to Boulder

Cool cat drives the ladies around. They get to Boulder and head to The Dushanbe tea house, which was built overseas, and sent in pieces to boulder where they reassembled it, pretty neat. They drink tea in the pouring rain under a patio umbrella, all other customers are in there Saturday tea finest as this crew is still brushing the dust off their hiking boots. We look like tea time crashers here to steal your crumpets and tiny sandwiches.

5 PM


Have you ever heard of people paying other people to trap them in a room for an hour and have them to try to escape?  Sounds stupid when you put it that way, eh? Wouldn’t you have thought more of the road trip crew? Yes they PAID to willingly get locked in a jail and try to escape. Good thing they all have very very different brains and capabilities but most importantly they had Smarty Pants without her this blog wouldn’t be happening because Boots and Brownie would still be in the jail, running up an expensive escape room bill.



10 PM

Back to the home base, the crew ends their day beautifully by watching the moon rise over the mountains (yes I said moon rose) Bootsie asks everyone what their favorite part of the day was, everyone shares their favorite memories, they get in a couple more good laughs and then pass out like the big babies they are.