3 queens stumbled upon the Country Inn in Sandusky, Ohio with only one room available with one king bed, the queens chuckled and said why of course, Earl we will be happy to take it! What a jolly ole fella he is, he eats a pack of Softees donuts as he sorts out our accommodations.

This place is pretty fancy for 85 buckaroos, Earl tells us about the heated pool out back in the parking lot.

One queen running on little sleep and lots of caffeine asked a question which made Earl blush, “ Hey Earl, Bathing suits are optional right?” Earl the hotel clerk replied not catching the sarcasm , “You can do whatever you want my shift ends in 45 minutes, then it’s Amy’s problem”.

Wowee a little feisty Sir Earl, I thought Softee’s donuts would have an effect on your personality. Whatever happened to you are what you eat? Dang it... it’s not true, I wish I learned this sooner otherwise I would have eaten my boogers when I was younger.. I never wanted to turn into a booger.

The three queens are exhausted from there journey in there Honda Chariot. For they fought many battles along the way, truck drivers, torrential down pour, and a dangerous case of the Hangrys. (Hangry; noun; when one is so hungry they will kill anyone and anything in their way, even family.)

The three queens Smarty Pants, Brownie and Bootsie head up to there humble abode. Put on there pjs and get into there king bed. Smarty pants and Brownie insist that Bootsie sleeps in the middle, Bootsie is used to it she is the middle child anyways. As they start to get sleepy, Brownie gets a case of the giggles, smarty pants tells her to be quiet, Bootsie joins in on the laughter, then to Smarty’s surprise she loses it and starts cracking up. This goes on for 10 minutes and then they drift off into dream land.

Good night Sandusky!



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