And  we are off! The Kramer girls head across the country on a journey like no other!

Before we get started let me just introduce you to this very special dynamic trio.

Meet Madeline, beware never ever call her “Madelynn” or you are in for it. Maddie is a 22 year old Stevens Institute of Technology Graduate, let’s call her “Smarty Pants”. Smarty pants just landed a job in San Francisco working for Chevron as an Ocean Engineer. She is the reason for this adventure across America! A little more about her, she is a Type A personality, likes to take control of the wheel, of course she is the first to drive, she knows what she wants, she knows where she is going. She is literal, sarcasm does not work with her. She uses big engineering words like “mitigate” and processes information faster than a computer. Don’t get me wrong she’s got her soft side, shes got one of the biggest hearts and would drop everything in an instant to help out a friend. She also carries her stuffed animal that looks like our childhood dog around everywhere.

Speaking of childhood, none of this would be possible without our next amazing character Patty aka our mom. Patty always likes to refer back to her childhood days in Waldwick when she was known as “Patty Brown”, let’s call her Brownie for this blog. Brownie is a very sentimental gal, she can make the simplest act into something that makes her cry. Brownie grew up in Waldwick, NJ , moved a miraculous 5 miles to Ramsey, NJ where she has lived for 30 years, raised 5 kids and took up teaching 7th grade science after 18 years of being a stay at home mom. Brownie can be a nervous nelly, good thing her daughters know just what to do to calm the’s quick, it’s easy, it’s one shot of any kind of alcohol which magically turns B into a risk taker, rule breaker, and giggle monster. Brownie has not traveled much, she’s been to Bermuda and Florida, she can’t wait to see the world, she has never left the east coast, and now she finally gets to explore with her two daughters for the first time! This is something she will never forget that’s for sure. 

Last but not least meet Meghan the voice of this story. She is the older sister of Smarty pants and the daughter of Brownie. Let’s call her “Bootsie” because Brownie insists this be Meghan’s name. She has had the nickname Bootsie since she was born but never made sense of it. She thought maybe she liked to wear boots when she was younger, but her mother said Meghan would rather be barefoot, so it remains a mystery but we will refer to Meghan as Bootsie for the remainder of this blog. Speaking of being barefoot, she is a yoga teacher. It makes sense, she would be the kid in the neighborhood running around barefoot, running into trees while playing man hunt, anytime she slept over a neighbors house, the parents would force her to wash her feet, which she got upset about and then would call her mom to come pick her up. Bootsie just wants everyone to be happy and to have the best time ever! She’s the adventurous one, she wants to camp, climb mountains,she’s got some plans up her sleeve that will have smarty pants and brownie , sh***ng there pants. ;)

These 3 have an adventure ahead of them. But that’s it for now folks!

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